Cinemacraft raises Series A Funding of US$3.9m

Cinemacraft announces closing on Series A funding of $3.9M led by 500startups, with NTT DoCoMo Ventures, Samsung Ventures, Turner, and Fierce Capital participating.
Funds are being used for Cinemacraft’s current targets: US, Japan, Korea, and India.

Cinemacraft’s B2B2C user experience platform revolutionizes video consumption. Field trials and early launch customers have shown that Videogram can more than double discovery, engagement, and social reach for videos. The innovative monetization layer means that Publishers can generate more revenue on top of existing monetization.

Videogram gives new life to video in social networks, web sites, electronic programming guides, live video broadcast, video advertising, multichannel networks, and video apps.

Videogram is provided as an HTML5 embed to publishers and is an UX layer on top of existing video networks (YouTube, Vimeo, DailyMotion, Ooyala, Brightcove, Kultaura, etc). Videogram indexes videos from the source and creates a link from each videogram grid back to the source video player. Any existing Pre-rolls/banner ads that are served by the video player continue to be served to the end user. Click on to see Videogram in action.

Videogram produces pictorial summary of video by analyzing the video for color, motion, image similarity, & clip duration. The patented algorithm extracts select keyframes and then packs them into a comic grid. This grid is then packaged as an iframe and can be embedded on website, mobile app, smart tv, or any device that supports an HTML5 browser.

Publishers interested in testing Videogram can sign up for our Free Beta service at

About Cinemacraft:
Founded in 2012 in Tokyo, Cinemacraft changes the way online visual media is consumed. We make media discoverable, engage-able measurable, and monetize-able. We change the user experience and the way people consume online visual media. The change in the user experience releases the greater value of media.

Our flagship platform is Videogram. Videogram is used in website embeds, social feeds, live streaming, and electronic programming guides. We empower Multi Channel Networks and smartphone Apps bringing rich navigation and social features. Our technologies and user interfaces are patented. For more information, Visit:

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