A/B test your current online video embed with Videogram

In online video, Advertisers and Marketers look to Click Through Rate and Completion rate when measuring their KPI. Most call it a roaring success if their campaign achieved a large enough view count. But, just because users viewed the video does not mean that they actually engaged with the product/service that was being marketed/advertised via […]

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Videogram launches Self Service Dashboard in Beta for Video Publishers.

Videogram was previously available only to selected brands like Fox Pictures, Sony Pictures, Showtime, NBC, CBS, Turner Broadcasting, Yash Raj Films, Capitol Records, and Vevo to name a few of the 30 global brands that have used the service.  Now any video publisher can sign up without a credit card and start using videogram to […]

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Videogram Skyscraper ad unit for Web & Mobile

We are seeing advertisers take to pre-roll videos even in markets like Japan & India where video inventory was sparse before. However, consumers are refusing to click on videos and sit through a 15-30 sec pre-roll. To counter this most publishers (even major ones) are using clickbait. Clickbait is a good looking keyframe (Often a beautiful […]

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