Videogram Skyscraper ad unit for Web & Mobile

We are seeing advertisers take to pre-roll videos even in markets like Japan & India where video inventory was sparse before. However, consumers are refusing to click on videos and sit through a 15-30 sec pre-roll. To counter this most publishers (even major ones) are using clickbait. Clickbait is a good looking keyframe (Often a beautiful woman or something equally enticing) to induce the consumer to click on the video and voila a pre-roll ad. The setback to the consumer is that either there was no content in the video that the keyframe promised or the content appeared for only 2-5 sec in the video. This is leading the consumers to engage less (or abandon as soon as pre-roll starts) on videos and thus advertiser are getting less visibility and media publishers are making less revenue.

Videogram is introducing an innovative solution that allows the advertisers/publishers to get consumer eye balls on the ad without using clickbait. Videogram can be used on any website or mobile site. From the perspective of website owners, they can earn revenue on CPM (banner ad) or on consumer click and % completion rate of video. It is a win from the perspective of the advertiser as the consumer is able to get the context of the video ad with a glance. The consumer can dive down into the ad if they desire to know more and this for the advertiser is clear signal of genuine interest in its product.

Videogram can be used in promotions of movies, music, products, etc. Today, we are releasing videogram for skyscraper ad unit. We will soon be releasing videogram for use in all standard banner sizes. The ad unit is responsive and can be customized by the advertiser to any odd size if they so desire.

Above is an example of a skyscraper Videogram ad unit and this can be served via any ad network (Double Click, etc). To see the Videogram ad unit being used in the wild, visit