One platform, Simple APIs, Complete Video Solutions :
Scene search – Dialogue search – Website video embeds – Video aggregation – Video sharing into Social Media – Contextual commenting – Contextual scene based ads – For Live events -Deep analytics

Videogram models and indexes online videos at their atomic level and enables Discovery,  Distribution, Engagement and Monetization of video content across the web and in mobile apps.

Reach viewers, drive engagement, grow audiences, analyze audience behavior, maximize revenue, and unify video strategy across all devices and video networks like Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, Vimeo, Dailymotion & Facebook.

Responsive Design : The Videogram format automatically readjusts the number of frames according to screen size that is available. One can publish once and deploy anywhere.

Works on any device : 100% HTML5 means no client component is needed.

Video Server Agnostic : Can be deployed on top of any existing video server.  Does not  interfere with existing copyrights or any existing monetization.

Social : Viewers can select and choose from within the video the moments they love and share them to their favorite social networks.

Videogram Live

Videogram Live is for live events such as sports games, fashion shows, and concerts.

HTML5 Video Player

Deliver all your online videos seamlessly and instantly through a unique interface

Video Commerce

Connect objects in videos to any e-commerce engine using our machine learning module to provide one click buy

Hosting & Aggregation

Aggregates your online & offline content at one place

Video Advertising

Videogram supports all video advertising standards, like VAST & VPAID.

Video Search

Search Scene, Objects, Speech, Metadata in Videos

Developer API / SDK

Video Platform is broken into separate modules for Index, Search, Discovery, Social, Commerce, & Ads. These modules can be accessed by 3rd party developers via our API.

Video Analytics

Monitor video performance to make strategic decisions to optimise content and ad views.