About Videogram

Videogram is a pictorial summary of video. The video is automatically analyzed and represented with different-sized keyframes packed in a visually pleasing form reminiscent of a comic book. Videogram allows users to get a quick overview of a video's contents at a glance without watching the video from beginning to end. The visual summaries are suitable as interactive thumbnails on video publishers sites and they can also be used to help consumers browse through videos (like they do for images). Videogram allows the consumer to start the video from a point of visual interest (smaller clips) on mobiles thus eliminating the pain points of streaming/buffering a large video on oversubscribed/congested mobile networks.

To generate a Videogram, a video is auto segmented based on the color features of each frame. The segments are also clustered according to their similarities. We have introduced an importance score to rank the segments. A segment is considered to be important if it is long and rare. Keyframes are extracted from highly ranked segments and sized according to their scores so that more important keyframes are presented as bigger frames. Our frame-packing algorithm puts the different-sized keyframes in a compact "comic book" format.

Videogram go to market is a hybrid-model. We work with both consumers as well as enterprises (Publishers, Content owners, Other mobile/web video apps).

Consumer: is a destination site (for consumers) from web, iOS, Facebook, and Android devices. Consumers can upload their home videos and mobile generated videos and share the videogram either publicly or privately. Sign up with Facebook account via our web or download the Videogram iOS app from iTunes and start sharing your videograms.

Enterprise: Publishers, content owners & mobile/web video app developers can use our API to create videogram of their video assets and embed the videogram player into their web sites/native apps thus replacing the video thumbnails with videogram (Example shown below). For API enquires, please email :

Size and Aspect: Unlike traditional video media, Videogram will adapt itself to any reasonable window size. YouTube standards from 560x340 through 1280x745 are fully compatible, as are non-standard arrangements like banner and skyscraper. Dynamic resizing is fully supported - once the parent object has new dimensions the videogram will expand or contract to fit.

Some examples:

Videogram is powered by Cinemacraft. Founded in Tokyo in 2012. Cinemacraft is registered in US (Delaware) with HQ operations in Tokyo and Sales offices in Los Angeles, Seoul, & Mumbai