Zoom In/Out feature released for publishers to customize Videogram grid

Videogram produces pictorial summary of the video by analyzing the video for color, motion, image similarity, & clip duration.  The patented algorithm extracts select keyframes and then packs them into a comic grid.    This grid is then packaged as an iframe and can be embedded on website, mobile app, smart tv, or any device that supports an HTML5 browser.

One of the key features of the Videogram is that once it is created, it can then be served into any size screen (Smallest smart phone to a 80+ inch television screen).   The algorithm automatically packs the grid  with frames based on the real estate offered to the iframe (Detail on Demand aka Responsive Design).  The detail of the pictorial summary is directionally relational to the real estate size that is offered for the Videogram to render.    Click here to see how Detail on Demand algorithm renders the Videogram on various display sizes/devices.

However, at times, the publisher may want to control the number of frames or which frames are displayed within the grid (i.e., freeze the Videogram to X number of frames of their choosing).    There are any numbers of reasons why a publishers may want to do this but here are few key ones.

  • A spoiler frame is in the Videogram during auto generation.  This spoiler frame could spoil the suspense or the tag line of the video if the consumer notices it during discovery.
  • The Publisher may want one of the frames of the Videogram to be a CPM/CPC Ad.  They want this frame to be displayed at all times this videogram is rendered irrespective of display size.
  • The Videogram looks better with more frames in the grid or less frames in the grid.

Today, we are releasing a feature called Zoom In/Out.   You can access this feature from the Publisher Dashboard by selecting the embed tab/edit frames button.

You can Zoom In/Out of the Videogram.  Zoom In will reduce the number of frames in the Videogram and Zoom Out will increase the number of frames in the Videogram.   The algorithm still stays in sync to render the Videogram with the best possible summary.

Once you settle on the number of frames in the Videogram,  to eliminate a spoiler frame you can click on it and replace with an alternate frame.  Alternatively, you can click on the “Ad” icon on the frame and replace that frame with an Ad of your choice (CPM/CPC).

Below is an example of the same videogram Zoomed in and Zoomed out with Ad intact (Last frame is call to action Ad frame).




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