About Us

Are you tired of endless scanning of thumbnails, skipping channels, fast forwarding videos to see if it is interesting at all ? Do you feel that more time is spent finding what to watch than actually watching? Welcome to Videogram. You will get to see what you want to see from the scene you want to see. Problem of Disovery of videos solved.

Videogram was founded in June 2012 (Registered in Delaware) and is headquartered out of Tokyo. The company has a 100% subsidiary in Tokyo and another one in Mumbai. Investors include 500 Startups (U.S) , DoCoMo Ventures, Samsung Ventures, Turner Broadcasting, Asahi Broadcasting, Buneido, D4V Ventures, Tyra Banks, and Masi Oka.

Videogram changes the way online visual media is consumed and monetized. Videogram design is based on the following principles.

Videogram makes videos more Discoverable, drive better Engagement, more Monetizable, on your Own digital property =(DEMO)

Videogram models are based on state-of-the-art patented algorithms combined with adaptive learning and AI techniques and can enable

Whether you are doing live streaming, archive video, a simple blog, an app, or a fully blown video website, contact us today to see what DEMO can do for you.

Leadership Team

Sandeep Casi

Founder, CEO & CTO

Ford Motors (CAD/CAM Developer) General Motors (VR Developer),  Industrial Light+Magic (Team Lead, Systems Group),  iXL(VP & Partner, Digital Media Solutions),  FX Palo Alto Lab (Research Scientist, Interactive & Smart Media),  Fujifilm(Digital Cinema). Japan Venture Partners (Director)
(Follow him @sandeepcasi)

Rahul Golecha

Co-Founder & VP Engineering

Clickable (Sr Programmer),  Cisco (Developer),  Honeywell (Jr Research Scientist) & Computer Science Graduate from IIT Delhi.    (Follow him @rgolecha)

Masi Oka

Advisor & Investor

Japanese American actor, producer, & digital effects artist.  Masi joined Industrial Light+Magic (Lucasfilm) and worked as technical director. He became widely known for his role on NBC’s Heros as Hiro Nakamura and in CBS’ Hawaii Five-O as Doctor Max Bergman.  He is currently advisor for JETRO.