Video Advertising

Videogram supports all video advertising standards, like VAST & VPAID.

Ads in a Videogram

Videogram supports a wide array of advertising standards and integrates seamlessly with any video ad server, ad network, or ad exchange.

native ads

Any keyframe in the Videogram summary can be strategically replaced with a highly configurable, rich media ad unit that links to a video ad or an embedded e–commerce page.

smart roll videos

Pre-rolls and mid-rolls can be set on an individual keyframe basis for contextually relevant display. Videogram can also be configured to automatically place ads in front of trending clips that visitors are already highly motivated to watch.

frictionless experiences

Videogram ads are designed to be a seamless part of the consumer experience rather than an interruption in that experience. Consumers are encouraged to explore and share both content and ads.

Play the video below to see a skip-able pre-roll video ad

Videogram as an Ad

Any Promotional Video can be made into a Videogram and served into Ad Networks as an HTML5 Ad.
It can be a responsive design Videogram that fits into different IAB sizes  or it can be a fixed size Videogram Card containing an 8 second animated GIF.

The Videogram Card delivers benefits of the Videogram and of Autoplay without Autoplay’s detriments of speed and size.